createWorkset {openMpp}R Documentation

Create new working set of model parameters


Create new workset FULL set of model parameters, it must include ALL model parameters


createWorkset(dbCon, defRs, setDef, ...)



database connection


model definition: database rows describing model input parameters and output tables


if not NA then workset description data frame:

  • $name working set name, must be unique

  • $lang language code

  • $descr working set description

  • $note (optional) working set notes


list of parameters value and (optional) value notes.

Each element is also a list of $name, $subCount, $defaultSubId, $subId, $value, $txt:

  • $name parameter name (character)

  • $subCount (optional) number of parameter sub-values, default: 1

  • $defaultSubId (optional) default sub-value id, default: 0

  • subId (optional) parameter sub-value id, default: 0

  • $value parameter value it can be scalar value, vector or data frame size of $value must be equal to production of dimension sizes if data frame then it must have $dim0, $dim1,..., $value columns and each column length is equal to production of dimension sizes

  • $txt (optional) workset parameter text: data frame with $lang = language code and $note = value notes


That call allow you to create new working set of input parameters which contains ALL model parameters.

Workset is a working set of model parameters and can be a full set, which include values of all model parameters or subset and include only some parameters.

Each model must have "default" workset. Default workset is a first workset of the model with set_id = min(set_id) for that model. Default workset always include ALL model parameters (it is a full set).

If you want to create new workset as a full set of model parameters then you must pass ALL model parameters into createWorkset through ... argument list.

If you already have result of model run in your database and want to modify only some input parameters (subset) then call createWorksetBasedOnRun in order to create workset using parameters from previous model run and supply some new values.

You can create subset of model parameters ONLY based on existing run results. Otherwise you have to pass ALL (full set) of parameters in order to create workset.

Each workset has unique set id (positive integer) and unique name. To find set id by name use getWorksetIdByName call.

Working set must be read-only to run the model, so, typically you want to call setReadonlyWorkset after createWorkset.

Parameter(s) can have can have multiple sub-values (by default only one value, no sub-values). If you want to have multiple sub-values then $subCount must be >1 (default =1). If parameter has multiple sub-values then you can specify sub-value id as $subId (default =0). Also you can specify default sub-value id for that workset parameter as $defaultSubId (default =0).

You must use getModel function in order to find model definition defRs.


Return id of new working set or 0L on error


To run examples you must have modelOne database modelOne.sqlite in current directory




OpenM++ documentation:

See Also

getModel getDefaultWorksetId getWorksetIdByName createWorksetBasedOnRun copyWorksetParameterFromRun setReadonlyWorkset setReadonlyDefaultWorkset updateWorksetParameter


  # model parameters:
  #   age by sex:    double[4, 2] 
  #   salary by age: int[3, 4]
  #   salary level:  int enum[3]
  #   base salary:   int enum scalar value
  #   starting seed: int scalar value
  #   file path:     string parameter
  # age by sex parameter value and notes
  # if subCount is 1 then you can omit subCount, defaultSubId and subId
  ageSex <- list(
    name = "ageSex",    # parameter name
    subCount = 1L,      # no sub-values, only one parameter value
    defaultSubId = 0L,  # default sub-value id for that parameter
    subId = 0L,         # no sub-values, only one parameter value
    value = c(
      rep(c(1, 2, 3), times = 2),
    txt = data.frame(
      lang = c("EN", "FR"),
      note = c(
        "age by sex value notes", # EN value notes
        NA                        # NA == no FR value notes 
      stringsAsFactors = FALSE
  # salary by age parameter, one sub-value by default
  salaryAge <- list(
    name = "salaryAge",
    value = c(
      rep(c(10L, 20L, 30L), times = 3),
    txt = data.frame(
      lang = c("EN", "FR"),
      note = c("salary by age value notes", "FR salary by age value notes"),
      stringsAsFactors = FALSE
  # salary level (low, medium, high) by full-or-part time job
  salaryFull <- list(
    name = "salaryFull", value = c(33L, 33L, 22L),
    txt = data.frame(
      lang = c("EN"), note = c("salary level for full or part time job"), stringsAsFactors = FALSE
  # base salary parameter enum value
  baseSalary <- list(
    name = "baseSalary", value = 22L,
    txt = data.frame(
      lang = c("EN"), note = c("base salary notes"), stringsAsFactors = FALSE
  # starting seed parameter value and notes
  startingSeed <- list(
    name = "StartingSeed", value = 127L,
    txt = data.frame(
      lang = c("EN"), note = c("random generator starting seed"), stringsAsFactors = FALSE
  # file path parameter value and notes, "filePath" is string parameter
  filePath <- list(
    name = "filePath", value = "file R path",
    txt = data.frame(
      lang = c("EN"), note = c("file path string parameter"), stringsAsFactors = FALSE
  # name, description and notes for this set of model parameters
  # name MUST be unique
  inputSet <- data.frame(
    name = "myData",
    lang = c("EN", "FR"),
    descr = c("full set of parameters", "description in French"),
    note = c("full set of parameters notes", NA),
    stringsAsFactors = FALSE
  theDb <- dbConnect(RSQLite::SQLite(), "modelOne.sqlite", synchronous = "full")
  invisible(dbGetQuery(theDb, "PRAGMA busy_timeout = 86400")) # recommended
  # get model by name: use such call if you have only one version of the model
  defRs <- getModel(theDb, "modelOne")
  # create new workset with ALL model parameters
  setId <- createWorkset(theDb, defRs, inputSet, ageSex, salaryAge, salaryFull, baseSalary, startingSeed, filePath)
  if (setId <= 0L) stop("workset creation failed: ", defRs$modelDic$model_name, " ", defRs$modelDic$model_digest)
  # make workset read-only in order to run the model
  setReadonlyWorkset(theDb, defRs, TRUE, setId)
  # you can run the model now with new parameters

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