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Set or clear read-only status for default working set of model parameters


Set or clear read-only status for default working set of model parameters


setReadonlyDefaultWorkset(dbCon, defRs, isReadonly)



database connection


model definition: database rows describing model input parameters and output tables


if TRUE then mark default working set as read-only else clear read-only status


Workset must be NOT read-only in order to update parameters by updateWorksetParameter. And workset must be read-only to run the model, so, typically you want to wrap updateWorksetParameter by setReadonlyDefaultWorkset or setReadonlyWorkset calls.

Workset is a working set of model parameters and can be a full set, which include values of all model parameters or subset and include only some parameters.

Each model must have "default" workset. Default workset is a first workset of the model with set_id = min(set_id) for that model. Default workset always include ALL model parameters (it is a full set).

You must use getModel function in order to find model definition defRs.


Return working set id of default workset or 0L if not found


To run examples you must have modelOne database modelOne.sqlite in current directory




OpenM++ documentation:

See Also

getModel getDefaultWorksetId getWorksetIdByName copyWorksetParameterFromRun setReadonlyWorkset updateWorksetParameter


  theDb <- dbConnect(RSQLite::SQLite(), "modelOne.sqlite", synchronous = "full")
  invisible(dbGetQuery(theDb, "PRAGMA busy_timeout = 86400")) # recommended
  # get model by name: use such call if you have only one version of the model
  defRs <- getModel(theDb, "modelOne")
  # reset read-only status of default workset  
  setId <- setReadonlyDefaultWorkset(theDb, defRs, FALSE)
  if (setId <= 0L) stop("no any worksets exists for model: ", defRs$modelDic$model_name, " ", defRs$modelDic$model_digest)

  # you can update model parameters now:
  # updateWorksetParameter(theDb, defRs, setId, ageSex, salaryAge)
  # make workset read-only in order to run the model
  setReadonlyDefaultWorkset(theDb, defRs, TRUE)
  # you can run the model now with new parameters in default workset

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