OpenM++ runtime library (libopenm)
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file  crc32.h [code]
 OpenM++ CRC-32 impelementation, it is same CRC-32 as V.42, gzip, PNG.
file  dbExec.h [code]
 OpenM++ data library: public interface.
file  dbMetaTable.h [code]
 OpenM++ data library: db tables for model metadata.
file  dbOutputTable.h [code]
 OpenM++ data library: output table interfaces.
file  dbParameter.h [code]
 OpenM++ data library: input parameter interfaces.
file  dbValue.h [code]
 OpenM++ data library: db value classes access value rows: input parameter, accumulator or expression tables.
file  helper.h [code]
 OpenM++ common helper utilities.
file  md5.h [code]
file  metaHolder.h [code]
 OpenM++ modeling library: holder struct for metadata tables used by model.
file  metaLoader.h [code]
 OpenM++ modeling library: model metadata loader to read and broadcast metadata and run options.
file  model.h [code]
 OpenM++ modeling library: modeling thread implementation to calculate model sub-value.
file  modelRunState.h [code]
 OpenM++ modeling library: implementation.
file  msg.h [code]
 OpenM++: message passing library public interface.
file  runController.h [code]
 OpenM++ modeling library: public base class for run controller to run modeling process.