OpenM++ runtime library (libopenm)
helper.h File Reference

OpenM++ common helper utilities. More...

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#define OM_SEND_SLEEP_TIME   29L /* msec, send completion test sleep interval */
#define OM_RECV_SLEEP_TIME   31L /* msec, receive probe sleep interval */
#define OM_RUN_POLL_TIME   17L /* msec, wait interval for modeling threads polling */
#define OM_ACTIVE_SLEEP_TIME   37L /* msec, sleep interval if there any child process activity */
#define OM_WAIT_SLEEP_TIME   971L /* msec, sleep interval if no progress in modeling threads */
#define OM_LOG_PROGRESS_TIME   5003L /* msec, interval to log progress messages */
#define OM_MICRODATA_SAVE_TIME   8123L /* msec, interval between microdata save in database */
#define OM_FILE_LINE   ""

Detailed Description

OpenM++ common helper utilities.