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Create new modeling task


Create new modeling task: named set of multiple model inputs


createTask(dbCon, defRs, taskTxt = NA, setIds = NA)



database connection


model definition: database rows describing model input parameters and output tables


if not NA then modeling task text data frame:

  • $name modeling task name, must be unique

  • $lang language code

  • $descr modeling task description

  • $note (optional) modeling task notes


if not NA then modeling task inputs: vector of integer id's of workset (workset: working set of model input parameters)

It is possible to supply single integer workset id or data frame with $set_id vector


Using this createTask call you can create new modeling task with (optional) text data (name, description, or notes) and (optional) input working set(s). You can create empty task without any input working sets or text data and later update it by updateTask.

Modeling task is named set of model inputs and contains name and vector of model workset id's. Please see createWorkset for mode details about workset (workset: working set of model input parameters).

Modeling task is a convinient way to bundle together multiple inputs of the model. After task created you can run the model with specifing task name or task id and model will iterate through task input worksets and produce output result for each of those inputs.


Return id of new modeling task or 0L on error


To run examples you must have modelOne database modelOne.sqlite in current directory




OpenM++ documentation:

See Also

getModel getTaskIdByName updateTask


  # name, description and notes for new modeling task
  # name MUST be unique
  myTaskTxt <- data.frame(
    name = "myTask",
    lang = c("EN", "FR"),
    descr = c("my first modeling task", "description in French"),
    note = c("this is a test task and include two model input data sets with id 2 and 4", NA),
    stringsAsFactors = FALSE
  theDb <- dbConnect(RSQLite::SQLite(), "modelOne.sqlite", synchronous = "full")
  invisible(dbGetQuery(theDb, "PRAGMA busy_timeout = 86400")) # recommended
  # get model by name: use such call if you have only one version of the model
  defRs <- getModel(theDb, "modelOne")
  # create new task with two input data set_id = c(2, 4)
  taskId <- createTask(theDb, defRs, myTaskTxt, c(2, 4))
  if (taskId <= 0L) stop("task creation failed: ", defRs$modelDic$model_name, " ", defRs$modelDic$model_digest)
  # you can run the model now with new  modeling task:
  #   modelOne -OpenM.TaskName myTask

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