OpenM++ runtime library (libopenm)
openm::MetaHolder Struct Reference

Holder for model metadata core part (not include model text). More...

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Public Member Functions

 MetaHolder (void)
 create empty model metadata holder
size_t typeEnumsSize (int i_modelId, int i_typeId) const
 return type enums size: number of enums for that type or zero if no enumms found (most of built-in types)
size_t parameterSize (const ParamDicRow &paramRow) const
 return input parameter size: total number of values in the parameter as product of all of dimensions size
size_t accumulatorSize (const TableDicRow &i_tableRow) const
 return accumulator size: total number of accumulator values as product of dimensions size, including total item

Public Attributes

const ModelDicRowmodelRow
 model_dic row for the model
unique_ptr< IModelDicTablemodelTable
 model_dic table rows
unique_ptr< ITypeDicTabletypeDic
 type_dic table rows
unique_ptr< ITypeEnumLstTabletypeEnumLst
 type_enum_lst table rows
unique_ptr< IParamDicTableparamDic
 param_dic table rows
unique_ptr< IParamDimsTableparamDims
 param_dims table rows
unique_ptr< ITableDicTabletableDic
 table_dic table rows
unique_ptr< ITableDimsTabletableDims
 table_dims table rows
unique_ptr< ITableAccTabletableAcc
 table_acc table rows
unique_ptr< ITableExprTabletableExpr
 table_expr table rows

Detailed Description

Holder for model metadata core part (not include model text).

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