OpenM++ runtime library (libopenm)
openm::IOutputTableReader Struct Referenceabstract

output table reader public interface More...

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Public Member Functions

virtual size_t sizeOf (void) const noexcept=0
 return number of values to select from the table
virtual size_t totalSizeOf (void) const noexcept=0
 return output table size: total number of values in the table
virtual void readTable (IDbExec *i_dbExec, bool i_isNanFill, size_t i_size, double *io_valueArr)=0
 read output table values. More...

Detailed Description

output table reader public interface

Member Function Documentation

◆ readTable()

virtual void openm::IOutputTableReader::readTable ( IDbExec i_dbExec,
bool  i_isNanFill,
size_t  i_size,
double *  io_valueArr 
pure virtual

read output table values.

[in]i_dbExecdatabase connection
[in]i_isNanFillif true then initially fill io_valueArr with quiet_NaN else zero fill
[in]i_sizenumber of values to return
[in,out]io_valueArrarray to return output values, size must be =i_size

Implemented in openm::OutputTableAccReader, and openm::OutputTableExprReader.

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