OpenM++ runtime library (libopenm)
omModelRunState.h File Reference

OpenM++ modeling library: model run state public interface. More...

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struct  openm::RunStatus
 model run status codes More...
struct  openm::RunState
 model run state data: status, progress, update times More...
struct  openm::IModelRunState
 model run state public interface: thread safe More...
struct  openm::RunStateItem
 run state data for sub-value identified by run id and sub-value id More...


 openM++ namespace


enum  openm::ExitStatus : int {
  openm::ExitStatus::OK = 0, openm::ExitStatus::FAIL = 1, openm::ExitStatus::HELPER_ERROR = 4, openm::ExitStatus::MSG_ERROR = 8,
  openm::ExitStatus::DB_ERROR = 12, openm::ExitStatus::MODEL_ERROR = 16, openm::ExitStatus::SIMULATION_ERROR = 32
 model exit status More...
enum  openm::ModelStatus : int {
  openm::ModelStatus::undefined = 0, openm::ModelStatus::init = 1, openm::ModelStatus::progress, openm::ModelStatus::waitProgress,
  openm::ModelStatus::shutdown, openm::ModelStatus::done = 64, openm::ModelStatus::exit, openm::ModelStatus::error = 128
 modeling job status More...

Detailed Description

OpenM++ modeling library: model run state public interface.