OpenM++ runtime library (libopenm)
msg.h File Reference

OpenM++: message passing library public interface. More...

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struct  openm::IPackedAdapter
 public interface to pack and unpack rows of metadata db-table More...
class  openm::IMsgExec
 public interface for message passing More...


 openM++ namespace


typedef OpenmException< 4000, msgUnknownErrorMessage > openm::MsgException
 messaging library exception


enum  openm::MsgTag {
  openm::MsgTag::unused = 0, openm::MsgTag::statusUpdate, openm::MsgTag::initial, openm::MsgTag::langLst = 32,
  openm::MsgTag::langWord, openm::MsgTag::modelDic, openm::MsgTag::typeDic, openm::MsgTag::typeEnumLst,
  openm::MsgTag::parameterDic, openm::MsgTag::parameterDims, openm::MsgTag::tableDic, openm::MsgTag::tableDims,
  openm::MsgTag::tableAcc, openm::MsgTag::tableExpr, openm::MsgTag::groupLst, openm::MsgTag::groupPc,
  openm::MsgTag::runOption, openm::MsgTag::codeValue, openm::MsgTag::outSubValueBase = 128
 tag to identify message content More...


const char openm::msgUnknownErrorMessage [] = "unknown messaging error"
 messaging library default error message: "unknown messaging error"

Detailed Description

OpenM++: message passing library public interface.