OpenM++ runtime library (libopenm)
openm::ParamDicTxtRowAdapter Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

IRowBasecreateRow (void) const
 create new row (tuple, struct or array) initialized with default field values
int size (void) const
 return row size: number of columns
const type_info *const * columnTypes (void) const
 array[rowSize] of type_info for each column, used to convert from db-type to target type
void set (IRowBase *i_row, int i_column, const void *i_value) const
 field value setter: i_row[i_column] = *i_value More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ set()

void openm::ParamDicTxtRowAdapter::set ( IRowBase i_row,
int  i_column,
const void *  i_value 
) const

field value setter: i_row[i_column] = *i_value

[in]i_rownew row created by createRow()
[in]i_columnzero-based column index
[in]i_valuedb-field value, casted to the target column type

this method called for each row by data library select() methods to set field values.
this method called only if db-field value NOT IS NULL.

Implements openm::IRowAdapter.

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