OpenM++ runtime library (libopenm)
openm::IMsgRecvArray Class Referenceabstract

public interface to receive value array More...

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~IMsgRecvArray (void) noexcept=0
 cleanup value array receiver resources.
- Public Member Functions inherited from openm::IMsgRecv
virtual ~IMsgRecv (void) noexcept=0
 cleanup message receiver resources.
virtual bool tryReceive (void)=0
 try to receive the data, return return true if received.

Static Public Member Functions

static IMsgRecvArraycreate (int i_selfRank, int i_recvFrom, MsgTag i_msgTag, const type_info &i_type, size_t i_size, void *io_valueArr)
 create new receiver for value array. More...

Detailed Description

public interface to receive value array

Member Function Documentation

◆ create()

IMsgRecvArray * IMsgRecvArray::create ( int  i_selfRank,
int  i_recvFrom,
MsgTag  i_msgTag,
const type_info &  i_type,
size_t  i_size,
void *  io_valueArr 

create new receiver for value array.

[in]i_selfRankreceiver (current process rank)
[in]i_recvFromsender proccess rank
[in]i_msgTagtag to identify message content (parameter or output data)
[in]i_typevalue type
[in]i_sizesize of array
[in,out]io_valueArrallocated buffer to recieve value array

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