OpenM++ runtime library (libopenm)
openm::DbExecBase Class Referenceabstract

base class for database connection wrapper More...

Inheritance diagram for openm::DbExecBase:

Public Member Functions

 DbExecBase (const string &i_connectionStr)
 prepare to open new db-connection.
 ~DbExecBase (void) noexcept
 cleanup connection resources.
bool isTransaction (void)
 return true in transaction scope.

Protected Member Functions

bool isTransactionNonOwn (void)
 return true if other thread have active transaction.
void setTransactionActive (void)
 set transaction ownership status.
void releaseTransaction (void)
 release transaction: clean active transaction status.
string strConnProperty (const string &i_key) const
 return string value of connection property by key (case neutral) or empty "" string if key not found.
bool boolConnProperty (const string &i_key) const
 return true if value of connection property is 'true', 'yes', '1' (case neutral).
long long longConnProperty (const string &i_key, long i_default) const
 return long value of connection property or default value if key not found (case neutral).

Static Protected Member Functions

static void runSqlScript (IDbExec *i_dbExec, const string &i_sqlScript)
 parse and execute list of sql statements.

Protected Attributes

thread::id trxThreadId
 if true then transaction is active
NoCaseMap connProps
 connection properties as key+value string pairs (case neutral).

Detailed Description

base class for database connection wrapper

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